We make Japan simple.

Degica is a leading provider of Japanese digital commerce solutions.
Our e-commerce and digital payment technologies provide global businesses and developers the access they need to penetrate and succeed in the Japanese market.

We make eCommerce simple.

Degica’s eCommerce cloud delivers real-time global tracking for your online retail operations. With full support from an expert team, Degica takes care of all the technical headaches of running an online shop, so you can focus on the big picture.

We make Payments simple.

Komoju is Degica’s smart way to help your service to interact with Japanese customers. Built for developers, Komoju provides a simple API to seamlessly integrate Japanese payments into any application.

We make Digital Services simple.

Integrate. Localize. Launch. Ensure your product gets the exposure in Japan it deserves through the maximum distribution Degica offers across digital platforms, resellers, channels, affiliates, and more.

Digital Marketing Lead/Growth Hacker

20/03/2015 | Jobs

Game Publishing Program Manager

17/03/2015 | Jobs

Steamでの販売が開始された「ファントムブレイカー:バトルグラウンド」の盛 政樹プロデューサーへインタビュー。氏が考えるマルチプラットフォーム展開とは

14/02/2015 | News

Steamの支払決済にWebMoneyが追加! 個人情報入力なしで決済可能に

21/11/2014 | News


21/11/2014 | News

日本在住のお客様向けに、Steam カタログの価格が日本円になりました。

20/08/2014 | News


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