Degica launches Japanese payment service KOMOJU

TOKYO, August 12, 2015 – Degica Co., Ltd., Japan’s leader in digital e-commerce and payment solutions, today announces the launch of Komoju.com, a new payment solution providing one-stop integration of Japan’s diverse payment methods through a simple, unified API. Previously available by request, the platform is now open for testing to anybody with an email address, Degica providing comprehensive API documentation and technical support to help smooth the integration process.

With Komoju, Degica has set out to overcome one of the most challenging obstacles to entering the Japanese market: the country’s complicated network of online and offline payment methods. While dominant everywhere else in the world, credit cards are just one among many ways consumers pay for goods in Japan. These include local prepaid cards (“Webmoney”), cash payment through local convenience store chains (“Konbini”) and payment by bank transfer.

Up until now, there has been no way to access this opaque ecosystem of Japanese payment methods without investing significant time and resources to integrate each API separately.

Komoju unifies all these payment methods for the first time into a single service, making it easy for merchants to access and build on them. The service provides both a RESTful API for seamless integration as well as a white-labelled hosted page solution for handling payments off-site. Both the hosted page and administration interface are localized into Japanese and English, with other languages to follow.

“We’ve dealt with all the hassle and complication of Japanese payments so that companies don’t have to,” explains Jack Momose, Degica CEO. “Komoju helps companies quickly accept payments in Japan, and lets consumers pay the way that they want to pay.”

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